Shave your head. Shave eyebrows. Shave all hair. Get rid of hair. Get rid of all the hoopla, lose the philosophical discussion about graffiti, forget the newest fads. Shave hasn’t paid attention to the trends in graffiti, he learned graffiti a long time ago and even though life is in flux, hyperspeed, never ending nonsense, Shave has kept that original idea and feeling about graffiti as his mooring.

Shave gave and gave and still gives. He lives on walls and trains and he trains and trains like a soldier getting ready for war. What war? What are you talking about? Can you explain who Shave is and what he means in terms of graffiti?

No. Forget all that noise. Shave defies an explanation in this form of writing because when he writes SHAVE on steel everything makes sense. Steel is real and reality is for the making.

Soft Cover. 352 pages, Full Colour, 230x320 mm. Printed on 22 different paper qualities. Published by Ruyzdael Publishing & H.G.M. Overbeek

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